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Versatile, fast and reliable.

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Versatile, fast and reliable.

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For us, a pearl clasp is not only an item to close just a pearl chain. A pearl clasp must be easy to use, reliable and secure. However, if it emphasizes and completes the entire piece of jewellery with its own grace and finesse, the result is a harmony that is a particular pleasure.

We work with efficient and industrial processes and at the same time, like a manufacturer with traditional craftsmanship. That is why a good price-performance ratio and variety in the range, including custom designs, are not a contradiction in terms at Eberle + Jost.

Magnetic clasps

Practical to open with one hand

Clique System

Classic, solid and safe

Interchangeable clasps

Clasp for multirow chains

Multi-row bracelet clasps

Highest wearing comfort

Top-selling rings

Efficiently produced, creatively designed


for pearl necklaces and earrings

We produce using all modern techniques, such as stamping, casting and laser processes. In our own electroplating department, we guarantee our welknown surface quality and our customers the personal and partnership-based service of an owner-managed company – for example with attractive delivery times.

We are able to manufacture all closing systems, such as magnetic and interchangeable system as well as the clique system.

Crown your pearl necklaces, necklaces and bracelets with pearl clasps from Eberle + Jost and check out our range of rings.

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Your advantage

Unique premium collections

Pearl jewellery is timeless and so is a wonderful ring. And that’s how it should stay. Nevertheless, we are constantly implementing new ideas that provide variety and inspiration.

Diversity & efficiency

At Eberle + Jost, we stand for efficient production standards that benefit our customers. At the same time, we offer a wide variety of mechanisms and designs for individual pieces of jewellery. That is not a contradiction for us.

Tested quality

As a German manufacturer with a long tradition, we stand for safe and durable products with constant quality control. This is a decisive factor for your and our customer satisfaction, especially in the case of pearl clasps, which are often exposed to daily and long-term use.

Reliable partner

We see ourselves as a partner for the jewellery industry as well as for wholesalers, jewelers, online stores and manufacturers. We are there for our customers in person, are happy to advise them and sometimes also implement special requests. Attractive delivery times complete the picture.


Our raw materials, from metals to diamonds, come from proven sources. We adhere to the EEC’s REACH section and the USA’s Dodd-Frank section and other codes of conduct that guarantee resource, environmental and health protection, social responsibility, anti-money laundering, freedom of expression, freedom from discrimination, exclusion of child labor and exploitation.

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