About Eberle + Jost GmbH

Our roots

Today’s Eberle + Jost GmbH has its roots in the companies of Josef Eberle and Karl Jost in Tiefenbronn. A village between Pforzheim, the jewellery center of Europe, and Stuttgart, the hometown of Mercedes and Porsche.

Both companies were founded in 1925. Josef Eberle began with the production of clasps and solutions for the pearl industry and Karl Jost with jewellery for the wholesale trade.
Both companies quickly served all important markets in Europe right from the start. From the 1950s onwards, they even exported to South America, the USA and Asia.

Years of growth

Karl Jost had set up his production facility in the Wimsheimerstraße in Tiefenbronn. The workforce grew to over 100 people in the 1950s. Just like the production facility at the neighboring Josef Eberle in Schwarzwaldstraße, which was soon bursting at the seams.

In 1996, Josef Eberle built a new and spacious location in Seehausstraße, opposite Karl Jost.

Instead of rivalry and neighborly disputes, a joint venture with synergetic task sharing and growing efficiency was created.

Merger with valuable synergies

This led to the decision in 1999 to merge the two companies into the Josef Eberle production facility in Seehausstrasse.
After the merger, Albert Jost was responsible for sales as the successful head of the sales department.

His colleague Martin Dussling was head of administration and had already been with Josef Eberle Com for over 20 years at the time. active. Both companies are known in the region for their long-standing employees, some of whom have been with the companies for more than 35 years.

In this way, the knowledge and experience remains in the companies and is passed on to the trainees.

In 2009, Martin Dussling and Albert Jost took over the company Eberle + Jost GmbH and moved to Bleichstraße 56 in Pforzheim, where it still produces for the global market today.

The main sales markets are Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia, mainly pearl dealers and the pearl-finding industry.

New tailwind with new owner

Stephan Rivoir, a jewellery entrepreneur from Pforzheim, has been behind Eberle + Jost GmbH since 2024. As the owner, it continues the tradition and at the same time expands the production of Eberle + Jost to include Walther Schroth OHG, which was also acquired, with the production of rings.

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